Skins Settings

A Skin Settings function (changeable skins for Menaco Customware) has been developed in Menaco MediaNav, Menaco MediaNav Evolution, Menaco GEN2, Menaco GEN5.

Menaco Changeable Skins Settings

  1. Menaco menu Settings -> SKIN. By default, the skin is stored in the \Storage Card\Menavrus folder on the multimedia device. User replaceable skins can be stored in folder menavrus on a USB Stick or in Storage Card4\Menavrus on the device.
  2. Skins can be stored either as folders or as files with the .mmskin extension (technically, this is a ZIP archive).
  3. Transparency of pictures in skins (you need 32-bit BMP with an alpha channel).
  4. In the skin, you can adjust the height of the strip at the bottom of the Menaco menu (MENAVRUS.CFG – mdsStripHeight).
  5. The ability to make buttons with double functionality in the skin (short / long press).

For more details on setting up and using the removable skins function, see the Menaco User’s Guide for the corresponding type of multimedia system.