Compatibility Check Form

Please complete and submit the form below to check the compatibility of the 5th generation multimedia device GEN 5.0 for Kia or Hyundai (starting from 2016) with GEN5 Customware.

1. After submitting the completed form you will receive a letter to your e-mail. This letter will contain information on the compatibility of your device with GEN5.

  • If compatible, you can place an order for GEN5 Customware (detailes will be attached to the letter).
  • Otherwise, there is a possibility that GEN5 Customware for this type of device will be developed in the near future.

2. The Software Version of your multimedia device is indicated on the screen of the device in the line “SW Version” or “S/W Ver.” or “System S/W”:

    1. Turn on the radio and wait until it is fully loaded.
    2. Press once the SETUP button on the front panel of the radio and scroll the screen to the end.
    3. The System Information button appears, click it. The System Information window will open (System Information or Version Info or General Settings, depending on the device model).
    4. The Software Version is shown in the line “SW Version” or “S/W Ver.” or “System S/W”. For example, CD.EUR.SOP.V093.190503.DAU_A

3. Please fill in the Software Version carefully, observing the following simple rules:

    1. Type your SW Version and your E-mail carefully, one character at a time, do not paste the entire number at once
    2. Latin capital letters
    3. Observe the dots “.” where applicable
    4. Observe the underscores “_” if applicable
    5. No spaces