Screen Mirroring

Starting from version Menaco for MediaNav, version Menaco for MediaNav Evolution, version 01.00-RC21 Menaco for GEN2, a new Mirror function has been developed to display (mirror) the screen of mobile smartphones (Android OS) on the screen of a multimedia device.

Setting The Mirroring Function

  1. To use the Mirror function, the free ScreenStream software must be installed on your smartphone. You need to install the Screen Stream over HTTP program from the Play Market on your smartphone and connect your smartphone to the radio device via a USB cable.
  2. Sound transmission is carried out via Bluetooth. You need to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and switch the audio source to Bluetooth by steering wheel control.
  3. Activation of the mirroring function in MediaNav and MediaNav Evolution is carried out using the special button in the lower left corner of the Menaco menu screen.
  4. Activation of the mirroring function in the GEN2 multimedia device is carried out after a long (more than 1 second) press on the Player button in the Menaco menu.


  1. Mirroring only works on Android smartphones. To connect the radio tape recorder to the phone via a TCP / IP network, we use the RNDIS driver for an Android mobile phone. IOS iPhone requires a different driver (NCM). We have no plans to connect via iPhone.
  2. MediaNav (MediaNav Evolution) drivers may not match the drivers of modern smartphones, and the Screen Mirroring feature may not work.
  3. When the Screen Mirroring function is enabled (in MediaNav Evolution and GEN2), you cannot listen to the radio at the same time. This is because the audio mirroring is switched to bluetooth. To simultaneously listen to the radio in mirroring mode, you need to switch to the radio using the MODE button on the joystick on the steering wheel.

Configuring The Mirroring Function

The setting for the mirroring function is different for different types of radio. Detailed setup instructions can be found in the Menaco User Guide for the appropriate type of multimedia device.

A demo video on how the mirroring function works can be viewed here