How to Install

The installation of Menaco customware is a simple procedure, partly automated. Users install Menaco on their own. There is no need to remove the radio device from the vehicle control panel.

Information exchange, instructions, download links, etc. are sent by email. No need to come to the office.

The Starting Guide, detailed step-by-step Installation Instructions and Menaco download links will be sent to your email immediately upon payment. You can also download these documents at our website from My Account / Download.

At the end of installation you will need to activate Menaco using a special license file sent by email (details will be provided in the Installation Instructions).

Depending on the type of your radio, you will need a USB Stick or SD Card (please see the corresponding link for requirements).


Installation of Menaco is a self-installation by the user.

Self-installation does not require special knowledge and skills. General computer skills are required as well as the ability to communicate with a file manager and email.

Our technical support team will help you install Menaco if necessary.

The following 3 emails will be sent to your e-mail right after payment:

  1. Confirmation of Payment,
  2. Your Account login data (your username and password to log into My account),
  3. The Starting Guide (including the Installation Instructions as well as Menaco download links). You can also download these documents and links in My Account / Download.

Three Steps Installation

Installation usually consists of three main steps:

  1. Download the installation files and unzip them to a USB Stick (or SD Card).
  2. Insert a USB (SD) storage device into the connector (slot) of the radio (automatic installation will start).
  3. Obtain a license file and copy it to a USB Stick (SD Card).

The Menaco license file for your radio is generated automatically, it will be generated immediately after your request (according to the Installation Instructions) and sent to your email address within 1-2 minutes.

Installation takes from 5 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the radio model and year of manufacture.

Please watch some videos on installing Menaco below (sorry that in Russian only).

Contents Of Delivery

  • Confirmation of Payment (will be sent to your e-mail right after payment)
  • Your Account login data (will be sent to your e-mail right after payment)
  • Menaco Starting Guide (will be sent to your e-mail right after payment)
  • Menaco License activation file (Lifetime license)
  • Menaco User Manual
  • Menaco Invoice
  • Menaco Warranty
  • Technical Support
  • Menaco updates (as updates are released)

Important To Know When Installing Menaco

  1. Menaco customware must be installed or updated with the vehicle engine running.
  2. During installation (or update): DO NOT turn off the engine, DO NOT drive, DO NOT shift neutral transmission to reverse (switch to a rear view camera)! These actions can interrupt the installation and completely destroy the multimedia device.
  3. Please note that the operating stability of customware depends on the quality of the USB (or SD) storage device. Buy a new storage device, be sure to read our recommendations for USB Stick (or SD Card).
  4. All types of multimedia head units support USB Stick (or SD Card) storage devices up to 32 GB.
  5. Some car radios (e.g. MediaNav) require a 4-digit radio code to install Menaco. Make sure you know this code. The code is indicated either in the manual for the car, or in the manual for the radio. Contact your car dealer if you do not have this code.

Frequently Asked Questions When Installing Menaco

Based on experience with user requests during software installation, the only issue is not following the Installation Instructions.

As a rule, technical support is approached by “advanced” users who believe that they know everything and ignore reading the Instructions. The Instructions are written in sufficient detail with the expectation of any user. We strongly recommend that you follow these instructions item by item.

For the convenience of new users please find below the most frequently asked questions when installing Menaco.

Answer: The installation files are packed in the popular WinRAR archiver to reduce the size of these files. If WinRAR is not installed on your computer, install it from the link below. If you are using WinRAR, update the WinRAR version

Answer: The installation archive files were copied to a USB flash drive, but not unpacked. It is possible that the archive is unpacked into a folder and this folder has been copied to the storage device. It is required to copy the contents of the archive (folder) to the storage device but not the folder itself.

Answer: The archive file with the programs is either not unpacked, or it is unpacked somewhere unknown.

Answer: Menaco customware “does not see” the Menaco license file. Possible reasons are listed below.

  • Installation of customware is not complete. Menaco is installed but no license file is received. The radio menu will not change to the Menaco menu until the license file is copied to the correct folder. Follow the Installation Instructions to get the file.
  • The license file is installed in the wrong location. Check the folder where you copied the license file.
  • The car uses a hands-free ignition switch (cars with MediaNav Evolution). To activate the Menaco license, you need to restart the radio (COMPLETELY turn off the power for at least 0.5 minutes). When you turn the radio off and back on, it will reboot and pick up the Menaco license file. However, the “hands-free” mode does not allow you to quickly turn off the radio, it does not reboot when turned off and continues to remain in standby mode after closing the car doors. This applies to MediaNav Evolution devices. In this case, the license file can be installed correctly, but the image on the radio screen did not change. This radio needs a longer shutdown time. Turn off the ignition for 15 minutes. If this does not help, please write to Support Service and we will send instructions and files to force reboot your device.

Answer: This navigation program does not “see” its maps on a USB stick (SD-card). The reasons may be different:

  • the map file was loaded with an error (please repeat the download);
  • faulty USB (SD) memory device and the program does not see this device;
  • the USB (SD) storage device is not inserted into the slot (insert the storage device into the radio);
  • map files are missing or are located on the storage device in the wrong folder (check if the maps were copied to the correct folder);
  • map files are not unpacked (for some navigation programs they are downloaded in a packed form, please check);
  • it is possible that some of maps do not match the version of the navigation software, OS version, etc. (the use of recommended maps guarantees full compatibility).

Answer: To restore Wi-Fi operation, copy the contents of the stock SD card (LGENavi folder) to the current SD card. Do this, then the Wi-Fi button turns on and the mirroring function becomes available.

Answer: Please find below the possible reasons for this effect, check in turn.

  1. After installing the custom software, the radio tape recorder did not restart. The installation instructions, section Custom Installation, Item 2, indicate that the radio must be restarted using the Reset button. Read and follow.
  2. SD card locked. Check and slide the write protect lever to the “write enabled” position.
  3. The archive file is unpacked “folder in folder”. The contents of the archive file (folder __CASTOM__) must be unpacked to the root of the SD card.
  4. SD card is defective. Take a new SD card and repeat the Custom Installation section.