Guarantee To Fulfill Our Obligations

  1. Menaco customware is provided in accordance with the Terms of Services (Public Offer Agreement).
  2. The company grants the user a personal License to use a software package.
  3. Payment for Menaco is made to the bank account of the legal entity (see VAT ID in Contacts).
  4. This site has an online shop that is registered with the bank after our company has been verified by the bank.
  5. This site operates using a secure protocol, an SSL certificate is installed on the site. Before obtaining an SSL certificate, our company passed the appropriate verification.

Guaranteed Money Return Conditions

The company guarantees a refund of the money paid if you are not reasonably satisfied with the quality of our services (return conditions are listed below, return method is negotiated additionally and depends on the method of payment):

  • At the buyer’s request, if the company has not sent the Menaco installation files to the buyer within 1 business day after the date of payment.
  • At the buyer’s request, within 5 calendar days from the date of payment, but before the registration of Menaco (sending the license key to the buyer). In this case, the bank and acquiring system commission (3%) is charged for processing the payment.
  • At the buyer’s request, if the company has delayed the provision of the license key within 1 business day from the date of receipt of the corresponding source file from the buyer.
  • When the amount of the mistaken payment is returned, the bank and acquiring system commission for processing the payment (3%) is withheld.

Menaco Warranty Period

  1. The company guarantees that Menaco customware is quality software, duly licensed and registered with the State Institution “National Center for Intellectual Property”. The developer warrants that Menaco customware is free from software defects at the time of purchase by the user and during the warranty period.
  2. The Menaco customware Warranty period is for 12 months from the date the license file is provided to the user, subject to the correct operation of Menaco customware. The company guarantees the correct operation of Menaco during the Warranty period.
  3. The lifespan of the Menaco customware may cover the entire lifespan of the multimedia device provided that Menaco customware is used correctly.
  4. If during the Menaco warranty period any difficulties arise or the performance parameters of Menaco differ from those indicated on this website, please contact our Technical Support Service and the company will provide you with warranty service. To prove your eligibility for warranty service, please keep your order Date and Number or other (electronic) proof of purchase for the software.

Menaco Warranty Service

The company undertakes:

  1. Provide free Menaco updates (if available) during the Menaco warranty period. Updates are provided upon customer request with Date and Order Number.
  2. During Menaco service life, provide information and technical support to Menaco users by e-mail: questions about the installation and operation of Menaco customware, solution of technical issues on the operation of the customware, technical support in case of failures in the operation of customware.

The company has the right:

  1. To announce a paid or free update of Menaco customware, any of its software parts for the period after the warranty term. Significant updates to Menaco, which include important new features, may be available at an additional cost.
  2. Remove a specific type of multimedia devise from the update for the following reasons:
  • The multimedia device has been discontinued by a car manufacturer for more than 1 year.
  • The resources of the multimedia device are insufficient to install new versions of user software or navigation programs. The update may slow down the loading of the multimedia device and the performance of navigation programs (it is better to use a stable previous version than poor use of the updated version).

Warranty Does Not Cover

Menaco warranty does not cover the following:

  • Improper installation or operation of Menaco due to these actions of third parties.
  • Updating the built-in multimedia firmware incompatible with the current version of Menaco.
  • Carrying out reckless actions of the user or third parties unauthorized by the Menaco developer.
  • Carrying out unauthorized repairs to the multimedia device or making structural changes to the device.
  • Violation or deviation of the multimedia power supply scheme from the standards established by the device manufacturer.
  • Occurrence of force majeure (elements, fire, lightning, etc.).
  • The warranty does not cover additional equipment that can be connected to a multimedia device (USB devices, SD cards, modems, OBD adapters, etc.).