How to Order

You can quickly buy Menaco customware by going to our online Shop and adding a required type of multimedia device to the cart. Pay for your order directly from your cart.

Before Order

At the ordering stage, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the work of Menaco customware and the programs included in Menaco. To do this, the site has all kinds of detailed information, a convenient system for finding information on the site, as well as the ability to ask questions.

Before purchasing Menaco please read:

Order Processing

  • You can place an order through the online Shop around the clock.
  • The Starting Guide, Installation Instructions as well as Menaco download links will be sent to your e-mail right after payment. You can also download these documents in My Account / Download.
  • To ensure that emails reach you exactly, please add our email address to your email whitelist or check your email spam folder.

Documents To Be Sent After Payment

  • Menaco Starting Guide
  • Detailed step-by-step Installation Instructions
  • Links to Menaco download files
  • Menaco License activation file
  • Menaco User Manual
  • Menaco Invoice
  • Menaco Warranty
  • Technical Support
  • Menaco updates (as updates are released)