Hyundai Multimedia System Update

A several types (a several generations) of Hyundai multimedia GPS devices can be installed in Hyundai cars:

  • Hyundai GEN 1.0 before restile (2010-2013)
  • Hyundai GEN 1.0 restiled (2014-2015)
  • Hyundai GEN 2.0 (2015-2016)
  • Hyundai GEN 4.0 (2016-2017)
  • Hyundai GEN 5.0 (since 2016)

A fiew main factories supply multimedia systems for Hyundai:

  • LG
  • Mobis
  • Motrex

Since Hyundai multimedia systems are devided by multimedia types and different manufaturers and software date, the only way to distinguish them is to find out a software version number of a device. Each Hyundai multimedia type has its certain stock firmware number (software version). Please find below the short instruction how to view the current software version and determine a type of your Hyundai multimedia head unit.

Hyundai Multimedia Platforms

Multimedia DeviceMultimedia PlatformCar ModelSoftware VersionNew Functions
i30 (GD)
i40 (VF)
ix35 (EL)
ix35 FCEV (LMFC)
Santa Fe (DM)
Santa Fe Premium
Grant Santa Fe (NC)
Veloster (FS)
SW 7.8.3ECO Data removed
Santa Fe (DM)
Santa Fe Premium
Grant Santa Fe (NC)
Tucson III (TLE)
H1 (TQ)
xx.EU.SOP.20.205TomTom Live Services
i40 (VF)
Genesis (DH)
ST.xx.EUR.E530.170925Только для некоторых моделей:
– Android Auto
– Apple CarPlay
Accent (Solaris)
i40 (VF)
Tucson (TLE)
xxx.EUR.SOP.005.170927– TomTom Live Services
– Android Auto
– Apple CarPlay
Accent (HCR)
Creta (GS)
Genesis (IK)
Grand Starex (TQ)
i10 (IA)
i20 (GB)
i30 (PDe)
i40 (VF)
ix20 (VF PE2)
Ioniq (AE)
Kona (OS)
Santa Fe (TM)
Solaris (HC)
Tucson (TL, TLE, TLFL)
Nexo (FE)
xxx.EUR.SOP.V085.170707.DAU_A– TomTom Live Services
– Android Auto
– Apple CarPlay

Find out Hyundai stock software version

  1. Turn on the multimedia device.
  2. Press and hold the “gear” or “Setup” button on the front of the radio for 10 seconds (Note: If nothing happens after pressing the Setup button for 10 sec it means that the GEN 5.0 radio is installed. In this case refer to Item 4 below).
  3. The current Hyundai software version is shown in the line “Software version” or “Info about software version” or “Software” (depending on a device model).
  4. GEN 5.0 only: Press once the Setup button on the front panel of the radio, then the General button in the screen and scroll to the System Information. The System Information or Version Information or General Settings window will open (depending on a device model).
  5. GEN 5.0 only: The Software Version is shown in the line “SW Version” or “S/W Ver.” or “System S/W”. For example, TLFL.EUR.SOP.V100.190307.STD_M.
  6. Determine a type of your Hyundai radio device by the software version:
  • 3.х.х, 5.х.х

The GEN 1.0 before restile radio (LAN89xx, OS WinCE6) is installed.
For example, 3.1.5, 3.2.0, 5.1.3.
Note: “Before restile” multimedia devices do not have a small “Reset” button near the CD tray (to the right or left of the CD disc tray).

  • 3.х.х, 5.х.х, 7.х.х, 8.x.x

The GEN 1.0 restiled radio (LAN89xx, OS WinCE6) is installed.
For example, 3.1.5, 5.1.3, 7.9.4, 8.0.6, 8.2.0.
Note: “Restiled” multimedia devices have a small “Reset” button near the CD tray (to the right or left of the CD disc tray).

  •, xx.EU.SOP.20.ххх

The GEN 2.0 radio (LAN40хx, LAN50xx, LAN53хх, OS WinCE7) is installed.
For example, DM.EU.SOP.10.103, DM.EU.SOP.20.166, JD.EU.SOP.20.003, QL.EU.SOP.20.194.

  • ST.xx.EUR.xxxx.xxxxxx

The GEN 4.0 radio (IAH8434UMNG, OS Android 2.3) is installed.
For example, ST.DH.EUR.E531.180921.
Note: These multimedia devices are not the subject of this project (the OS Android 2.3 is not supported and cannot be upgraded).

  •,, (and others)

The GEN 5.0 radio (LG IAH8434UMNG or Mobis ADB10H0RE, OS Android 4.2) is installed.
For example, QL_17MY.EUR.SOP.008.1.191209, TM.EUR.SOP.V112.200731.STD_M, CD.EUR.SOP.V093.190503.DAU_A.

Menaco Customware for Hyundai

Original Hyundai multimedia devices are very reliable and of high quality. Their potential is quite large. But they have limited functionality.

Menaco is add-on firmware (alternative firmware) for Hyundai GPS multimedia devices.

Menaco customware allows you to have Hyundai multimedia system updated and to add new functions in your on-board system, please refer to table Menaco Add-On Functions.

  • Menaco GEN1 supports all Hyundai GEN 1.0 multimedia.
  • Menaco GEN2 supports all Hyundai GEN 2.0 multimedia.
  • Menaco GEN5 supports most Hyundai GEN 5.0 multimedia. Since there are a lot of modifications of GEN 5.0 (more then 100) some of models are still not supported. We strongly recommend to check the compatibility of Hyundai GEN 5.0 devices with Menaco GEN5 customware. For this purpose please refer to the Compatibility Search Form.


  1. Menaco is only intended for multimedia devices installed on Hyundai vehicles assembled in Europe or in the Russian Fedaration. Installation options for vehicles assembled in the USA or Korea are to be verified and discussed individually.
  2. Menaco does not support GEN 4.0 multimedia. This type of radio is based on Android 2.3 which is not supported by Android applications and cannot be upgraded.
  3. An SD Card is required to install Menaco Customware to GEN2 and GEN5 devices.
  4. A USB Stick is required to install Menaco Customware to GEN1 and GEN5 (devices without a built-in SD Card slot).

Please find below a list of Hyundai modes supported by Menaco.

Menaco Compatibility for Hyundai

Supported Hyundai modelsGEN 1.0GEN 2.0GEN 5.0
Hyundai Accent (Solaris)
Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Genesis
Hyundai i20
Hyundai i30
Hyundai i40
Hyundai ix35
Hyundai Ioniq
Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Santa Fe Premium
Hyundai Solaris
Hyundai Grand Santa Fe
Hyundai Grand Starex
Hyundai Tucson III

Note: If your car model is not in the list above please send us your inquiry by e-mail: