SD Card

SD Cards are supplied with the GEN2 and GEN5 multimedia devices, which are installed in Kia and Hyundai vehicles. These cards store navigation maps for original navigation for Kia and Hyundai.

An SD Card is also required to install Menaco Customware to GEN2 and GEN5 devices. Once Menaco is installed, the SD Card is used to store navigation maps and the file manager Total Commander CE (GEN2).

GEN2 and GEN5 multimedia devices support memory cards up to 32 GB.

Since 2015, in addition to the SD Card slot, the Kia and Hyundai multimedia radios also have a USB Stick slot. Therefore, we recommend using a USB Stick to store your video and audio files. For such purposes, it is convenient to create AUDIO and VIDEO folders in the root of the USB flash drive.

Important For SD Cards

  1. The SD ports of all head units are very sensitive to the quality of SD Cards. The success of installation and operation of customware depends on the quality of the SD Card to be used. The SD Card stores navigation maps. For good indexing speed of maps, we recommend taking a new SD Card of Class 10 or higher (SD Class 10: write speed at least 10 MB/s).
  2. It is highly recommended to use a new SD Card Class 10, 32 GB  tested for installation only: Samsung EVO Plus, SanDisc since these drives showed the most stable performance.
  3. If you could not find the recommended model for the SD card, then you can use a microSD memory card with an adapter. For example, Sandisk Ultra microSDHC, Samsung EVO Plus microSDHC, Samsung PRO Endurance microSDHC.
  4. There are times when the original (stock) SD Cards (supplied with the radio) are not of high quality. After a while, when writing information to such cards, they may fail (some folders and files may not be readable, not copied, new files may not be written, etc.). For this reason, when installing Menaco we recommend using your new SD Card following the recommendations above. In this case, the original firmware will remain on the original SD Card and Menaco Customware will remain on the new SD Card.
  5. A stock SD card cannot be formatted. This card is protected by the manufacturer, so cloning is not possible. Copy the contents of the original SD card to another storage medium to recover at least some of the useful information in the event of a breakdown or loss of the SD card. But the copy will not replace the entire map (if you are working with standard navigation), so don’t lose it.
  6. If you often work with stock firmware (GEN2: Menaco is in ADDON OFF mode), it is better to use original SD Card to install Menaco. When using a third-party SD Card, the full operation of all functions of the radio in the normal firmware mode is not guaranteed; some multimedia devices may disable some of the standard features of the standard firmware, such as Wi-Fi.

Helpful Tips For SD Cards

  1. Before installing Menaco, prepare a blank SD Card 16-32GB (see recommendations above). Format the card (FAT32 format, full formatting, don’t do quick formatting).
  2. After installing Menaco, do not delete any installation files from the SD Card.
  3. After installing Menaco, be sure to make a complete copy of your working SD Card (backup copy) on your PC. This copy can help in case of loss of the card or its physical damage. Then there will be no need to install Menaco again. It is enough to copy the backup copy to a new SD Card.
  4. Multimedia devices are very sensitive to the quality of SD cards. SD cards can change their properties over time and become fragmented (temporary files are created, their fragments remain). After a year or two of using the SD Card, the following effects may appear: “freezing”, “slowing down” of navigation or the inability to open navigation programs (Navitel may display the message “Not enough free memory. Can be very fragmented”).
  5. To fix SD Card fragmentation:

Solution 1 (recommended once a year for preventive maintenance): If you have a copy of the working SD Card on your PC.

  1. Format the working card to FAT32 (an original SD Card cannot be formatted) or take a new SD Card.
  2. Copy ALL contents of the backup card from your computer to this card.
  3. Check the customware and navigation with a new SD Card.

Solution 2: If there is no copy of the working SD Card and the card is readable.

  1. Make a copy of the contents of the working card on your PC.
  2. Format the working card to FAT32 (an original SD Card cannot be formatted) or take a new SD Card.
  3. Copy ALL contents of the backup card from your computer to this card.
  4. Check the customware and navigation with a new SD Card.