We are committed to making our products better every day and it isn’t possible without the help of our users like you.

Everything we do – we do for you! Therefore, we ask all users of the Menaco customware and visitors to this site to leave your comments on the installation and use of Menaco, as well as your constructive feedback and suggestions on the site, possible inaccuracies, new sections (or pages) that you would like to see on the site.

Your opinion will help us eliminate possible errors in the software, add new functions to the standard car radio, create the best service for you.

THANKS in advance to everyone who gives us feedback, both positive and those after which we improve our work.


27 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Hello. There were no problems installing Menaco on Hyundai Santa Fe Premium (GEN2), everything is clear to me in principle,
    time was spent only on downloading maps. The site is convenient and payment in principle figured it out. According to the instructions, no problem. Satisfied with the service.

  2. Hi team,
    Struggled to get the Dacia to recognise the update the update progress bar appeared but it would not light up with the update. I reran the firmware to double check that it was the correct version with no issues. Then decided to reformat another usb stick and retry… success.. Clearly sensitive to the usb stick for some reason. Now working.

    1. There is the special USB Stick web page that clarifies the importance of the USB flash drive and that all head units are very sensitive to the quality of USB storage devices.
      More over the relevant link to this web page is given in the Installation Instructions: Be sure to read our recommendations and tips on USB Stick.
      It’s great that you have replaced a USB stick and got success.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. I am very grateful to the developers of the Menaco program – this is exactly what is so lacking in regular navigation. I have been using Menaco for a little less than a year, but already in this short period I have appreciated the program! Convenient and fast installation, updates, quick answers to questions – all this is very pleasing. Thank you.

  4. Absolutely an upgrade you need to do. Read carefully the instructions, do not rush to install thinking that you know the how. Still, even if you do it and want support, the guys know how to assist you. Incredibly high quality of service. The product as such is great.

  5. Good afternoon.
    Thanks to the project for the quality work and the speed of feedback on all issues.
    I installed Menaco myself, no problem. Everything is working. I would be glad to use it.

  6. Hello. I’ve been using Menaco since January 2018. Installed the program directly on the Media Nav Evolution. It’s more comfortable for me. I use a USB flash drive to listen to music. Thanks for the regular updates. After the previous update, something slowed down the routing. It was not very comfortable. But now, after the last update, the speed of laying the route has returned to its previous state. Which made me very happy. The update takes place without problems. The update is simple, delete two catalogs, and in their place upload the same catalogs, only with new content. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the customware, the installation information is well formed and very informative.

  8. Good evening everyone.
    I have installed the GEN5 firmware on Hyundai Tussan. Works well, no problems.

  9. Hi. Thanks for the work, everything works fine so far, I’ll play with the settings. There were no problems with installing Menaco and applications. I can only recommend read the instructions carefully and follow them step by step. Everything is described in detail on the site, there were no questions when paying for the order, you answer quickly and to the point. Thank you very much for that.

  10. I have been using Menaco since September 2018 and the update is very prompt. The update instructions are straightforward. I have very good impression using Menaco.

  11. Installing Menaco on GEN5 took about 20 minutes, there were no problems. The instructions are exhaustive, so the only recommendation for new users is to strictly follow all the points. The site is quite informative. In general, everything is fine. I will install applications, if there are problems, I will write.

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