How To Update Maps And Customware

You can update both Menaco Customware and navigation maps or maps only. It depends on a type of the multimedia device and the specific update.

Before taking any action, you need to check the need for an update:

  1. First of all, see which version of customware (or maps) is installed in your device.
  2. Then compare this version with the current Menaco version for your type of multimedia device. If the versions differ, you can update. You can also visit our News page.
  3. To update your device you should follow update instructions on the News page or send a request to mail@menaco.co. The request must indicate DATE and NUMBER your order in the Subject line of the email (without this data, the update order will not be processed). In the reply email you will receive update instructions and links to download update files.
  4. Please note: for prompt receipt of information about updates, we suggest subscribing to the newsletter through the Subscription Form.

How To View Your Order Date And Number

  1. After payment, the order number can be found in My Account / Orders. Please log in and see.
  2. After payment, you received an order confirmation by e-mail with your Order number. You can keep this e-mail.

New Versions Of Menaco

New versions of Menaco are released in the following cases:

  1. New features and capabilities in Menaco for faster and more reliable performance of customware.
  2. Release of a new version of navigation programs included in the customware.
  3. Fixing bugs in customware.
  4. Support for new functions and SW versions from the manufacturer of multimedia devices.