File Manager

File manager Total Commander CE is built in Menaco Customware for GEN1, GEN2, MediaNav, MediaNav Evolution multimedia devices. It allows access to the Menaco file system.

Te file manager can be opened by pressing the floppy button in the Menaco menu. In Menaco for MediaNav and MediaNav Evolution, the file manager Total Commander opens when you press the Internet browser button for more than 1 second.

The file manager is used for business purposes (to run the update and system recovery utilities).

The file manager is not included in the GEN5 Customware.

The file manager is located on the USB Stick. To prevent accidental pressing of the file manager button, you can deactivate this button. To do this, just delete the file of total.exe from the USB Flash / Update folder. To access the file system, place the total.exe file again in the Update folder on the USB Flash.


  • Attention! Caution! Unqualified actions with the file manager can disrupt the operation of Menaco or completely disable the multimedia recorder!
  • Warning! DO NOT perform any actions on the Storage Card / System folder, such actions may completely damage the radio tape recorder! Also DO NOT format the Storage Card partition!
  • The company is not responsible for any possible consequences of third-party interference with the software of any programs included in Menaco Customware.