GEN5W Multimedia Update

Multimedia systems of the 5th generation Gen5W (S5W_M, S5W_L, D2V) have been installed on Kia and Hyundai cars since 2019.

  • The Gen5W S5W_M platform (manufactured by Mobis with a wide screen) runs on Android 4.4 OS.
  • The Gen5W S5W_L platform (made by LG with a wide screen) runs on Linux OS.
  • The Gen5W D2V platform (made by Mobis with wide screen) runs on Linux OS.

In previous years, car manufacturers installed older generation head units: GEN 1.0  in 2010-2015,  GEN 2.0  in 2015-2016,  GEN 4.0 in 2016-2017, GEN 5.0 in 2016-2020.

More information about radios of different generations can be found on the pages Kia Multimedia System and Hyundai Multimedia System.

Gen5W navigation systems are presented in a wide technical variety, have different standard menus and differ in the Software version (SW Version).

How To Find Out Gen5W Software Version

  1. Turn on your media device and wait until it boots up completely.
  2. Press the Setup button on the Main menu of the radio once and scroll to the end of the screen.
  3. The General button will appear, click it.
  4. The Genaral Settings window opens.
  5. In this window, the version of the standard software is shown by the line “SW Info/Update”.

For example, NX4.KOR.S5W_M.V025.001.221126, CD_PE.RUS.S5W_L .001.001.211117, LX2.USA.D2V.003.100.210503

Note: The six-digit number at the end of each SW version indicates the build date of that version. For example, software TM_FL.KOR.S5W_M.V030.001.230809 was compiled on August 9, 2023.

GEN5W Customware Functions

Alternative GEN5W customware allows you to add a number of useful additional functions (applications) to Kia and Hyundai multimedia radios. The functionality depends on the configuration of the GEN5W customware: Maximal (MAX) and Lightweight (LITE).

Maximal configuration of GEN5W MAX (S5W_M platform):

  1. European languages (Česky, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Maguar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Purtuguês, Русский, Slovenčina, Svenska, Türkçe, Korean), depends on a car model
  2. Native navigation (maps of Europe + CIS)
  3. Alternative navigation (Waze, Yandex.Navigator, Navitel)
  4. Conversion of the radio range to the European standard (even numbered radio stations 10KHz/100KHz, manual setup)
  5. Radio station names in the RDS format
  6. Adaptation of vehicle metrics for kilometers (km, l/100km)
  7. Ability to install different Android applications yourself
  8. Internet (online traffic jams for navigation; Internet radio; instant messengers, IP TV, etc.)
  9. Audio players
  10. Video players (video in motion)
  11. The ability to independently install applications for car diagnostics and reset errors
  12. Pre-installed applications from the categories: Navigation, Antiradar, YouTube, Online TV, Online Radio, Online Movies
  13. Supports all standard radio functions
  14. and many other useful settings

Minimal configuration of GEN5W (D2V platform), KOR, USA:

GEN5W customware for D2V platform radios is only supplied in the minimal configuration:

  1. European languages (Česky, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Maguar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Purtuguês, Русский), depends on a car model
  2. Conversion of the radio range to the European standard (even numbered radio stations 10KHz/100KHz)
  3. All standard functions of the radio are retained (no possibility to install third-party applications, no original European maps)


  1. The vast majority of Gen5W radios have built-in Wi-Fi. If built-in Wi-Fi is not available, then the GEN5W customware supports Internet connection via a USB Wi-Fi adapter (TP-LINK) from a Wi-Fi access point on a mobile phone (Android or iPhone).
    The user purchases peripheral devices independently. We will provide a recommended list of Wi-Fi devices.

Compatible Car Models

GEN5W customware supports S5W_M and D2V platforms in Korean or American cars, for example:

    • Gen5W S5W_M platform:

    • Gen5W D2V platform:

Before ordering, check your radio for the Compatibility Check Form. The verification form will help you quickly obtain the necessary information (confirmation of compatibility) and place an order.

Below is a list of Kia and Hyundai car models of Korean and American assembly that are supported by GEN5W customware (the list of compatible models is regularly updated).

Kia Bongo PUEV
Kia Carnival KA4
Kia ​​Carnival KA422
Kia Carnival KA4_23
Kia Grandbird GZNT
Kia K5 DL3
Kia K5 DL3_22
Kia K5 DL3_HEV
Kia K5 DL3_H_22
Kia K8 GL3
Kia Mohave HM21
Kia Mohave HM22
Kia Mohave HMPE2
Kia Morning JA_PE
Kia Morning JA_PE_22
Kia Niro DE20EV
Kia Niro DE22EV
Kia Niro DE22HEV Kia
Kia Niro DEPBV_E_22
Kia Niro SG2EV
Kia Niro SG2HEV
Kia Ray TAM
Kia Ray TAM_2 2
Kia Seltos SP2
Kia Seltos SP_21
Kia Seltos SP_22
Kia Seltos SP2_PE
Kia Sorento MQ4
Kia ​​Sorento MQ422
Kia Sorento MQ4HEV
Kia Sorento MQ4HEV_22
Kia Sorento MQ4PHEV
Kia Soul SK3
Kia Soul SK3_21
Kia Soul SK3_22
Kia Soul SK3EV
Kia Soul SK3_E_21
Kia Soul SK3_E_22
Kia Sportage NQ5
Kia Sportage NQ5HEV
Kia Stinger CK_PE
Kia Stinger CK_PE_22
Kia Telluride ON
Kia Telluride ON22

Hyundai Avante CN7
Hyundai Avante CN7HEV
Hyundai Avante CN7HEV22
Hyundai Avante_N CN7N
Hyundai Casper AX1
Hyundai Grandeur IGPE
Hyundai Grandeur IGPE21
Hyundai Grandeur IG_HEV
Hyundai Grandeur IGPE21HEV
Hyundai Grandeur IGPEHEV
Hyundai Ioniq AEPEEV
Hyundai Ioniq AEPEHEV
Hyundai Ioniq AEPEPHEV
Hyundai Ioniq EV AE
Hyundai Ioniq5 NE
Hyundai Kona OS
Hyundai Kona OSEV
Hyundai Kona OSHEV
Hyundai Kona OS_PE
Hyundai Kona OSPEHEV
Hyundai Kona OSNPE
Hyundai Palisade LX2
Hyundai Palisade LX2_PE
Hyundai Porter HREV22
Hyundai Santa Fe TM
Hyundai Santa Fe TMHEV
Hyundai Santa Fe TM_FL
Hyundai Santa Fe TM_H
Hyundai Sonata DN8
Hyundai Sonata DN8HEV
Hyundai Sonata DN8_22
Hyundai Sonata DN822HEV
Hyundai Sonata DN8_23
Hyundai Sonata DN823HEV
Hyundai Sonata DN8_H_22
Hyundai Sonata DN8_H_23
Hyundai Staria US4
Hyundai Tucson NX4
Hyundai Tucson NX4HEV
Hyundai Veloster_N JSN
Hyundai Venue QX
Hyundai Venue QX_21
Genesis G70 IKFL