OBD Car Diagnostics

OBD car diagnostics (diagnostic adapter) is used to diagnose the operation of various vehicle systems.

Menaco Customware allows you to connect diagnostic adapters. Currently OBD adapters can be connected to Renault, Dacia, Lada, Nissan, Opel (MediaNav, MediaNav Evolution) vehicles, as well as Kia, Hyundai (GEN5), which have different connection instructions.

OBD Adapter Connection

USB OBD adapters are used to connect to a car multimedia radio. One adapter cable is connected to the multimedia device via the USB port, the second part of the adapter is connected to the car through a special diagnostic connector.

Menaco allows you to use both OBD adapter and USB modem at the same time. To use them together, you need a USB hub (USB-Hub). Both the OBD adapter and USB modem can work through a USB hub.


  1. Automatic initialization of the ELM327 v1.5a adapter (based on the CH341B chip) is carried out without additional settings in Menaco.
  2. Menaco has been designed for simultaneous operation of a USB Stick and OBD adapter (i.e. via a USB hub). If you only need to connect the adapter (no USB Stick), follow these steps: Copy the HOBD folder from the root directory of the USB Stick to the Storage Card4 folder in the radio’s memory using the file manager Total Commander CE built in Menaco.
  3. The OBD adapter is connected only via a USB cable, the Bluetooth channel is limited to the transmission of voice signals only.

Adapter Configuration

After connecting the adapter, turn on the car ignition. Start the HOBD program using the OBD button in the Menaco menu.

At the first start, you need to set the language in Screen\Settings\Language and select the brand and model of your car from the list in Vehicle Settings. After selecting the correct car type, the indicator in the lower left corner of the HOBD screen will turn green and the program will begin to display the current parameters of the running engine.

Below is a photo of the ELM327 diagnostic adapter to be used for the HOBD program (http://hobdrive.com).