Recovery Mode

The emergency Recovery mode was developed in Menaco for MediaNav and MediaNav Evolution devices. This download mode is for advanced users who are actively experimenting with their MediaNav radio. Please note that incompetent actions can lead to damage to the multimedia device.

Recovery Mode Operation

Recovery mode starts early when the multimedia device is started, but before the download of the Menaco customware. For example, if a user added a USB config file that was not compiled correctly and crashes the system early in Menaco boot, then there is no technical way to fix the device without removing the device from the car. We have now added a Recovery mode. If necessary, the error can be corrected by deleting the unnecessary from the file and copying the necessary in the Recovery mode.

Using Recovery Mode

To start Recovery mode, you need to regularly (about two clicks per second) press the lower right corner of the screen while the device is booting. The file manager and the file \MD\Menavrus\recovery.exe will start. In this case, the firmware download will be stopped and the multimedia device will enter the RECOVERY mode. A message appears prompting you to restart the radio.