Please find below domnload links to install Menaco to your car multimedia device.

All necessary instructions are given in the relevant Starting Guide, just follow it step-by-step carefully. To complete installation you will be requested to copy the Menaco license file to your USB Stick or SD Card (depending of the type of multimedia device).

Have a successful installation.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Menaco funs team.


Please select your car multimedia type to download Menaco


Menaco MediaNav Starting Guide

Menaco MediaNav Evolution Starting Guide

Menaco MediaNav Linux Starting Guide (Menaco customware for MediaNav Linux is being developed at present. We recommend to subscribe for a Newsletter that will be sent upon the customware is ready.)

Menaco GEN1 Starting Guide

Menaco GEN2 Starting Guide

Menaco GEN5 Starting Guide (Menaco GEN5 supports most Kia GEN 5.0 multimedia. Since there are a lot of modifications of GEN 5.0 (more then 100) some of models are still not supported. We strongly recommend to check the compatibility of Kia GEN 5.0 devices with Menaco GEN5 customware. For this purpose please refer to the Compatibility Search Form).