GEN5 Customware for new GEN 5.0 devices (June 2023)

Dear Menaco customers and website visitors,

In June 2023, GEN5 Customware was developed to support new versions of GEN 5.0 Android multimedia devices (for Kia and Hyundai) listed below.

We are constantly working on expanding the list of GEN 5.0 multimedia devices that are compatible with GEN5 Customware.

Brand / Model Compatible Software Version
Hyundai Sonata 2018-2020 LFFL.KOR.SOP.V125.210908.STD_H
Hyundai Picanto 2017 JA.RUS.SOP.V085.170615.DAU_A
Hyundai Picanto 2018 JA.RUS.SOP.V085.180308.DAU_A.RDS
Hyundai Picanto 2019 JA.RUS.SOP.V085.181211.DAU_A.RDS
Kia Forte (Cerato) 2019 BD4DR.USA.SOP.V098.181012.DAU_A
Kia Carnival 2016-2019 ST.YPPE.KOR.E542.200917
Kia Carnival 2016-2019 ST.YPPE.KOR.E543.210114
Kia Carnival 2016-2019 ST.YPPE.KOR.E549.221026
Kia Sorento Prime 2016-2019 ST.UM17.KOR.E548.220822
Kia Sorento Prime 2016-2019 ST.UM17.KOR.E549.221026
Kia Sorento Prime 2016-2019 ST.UM17.KOR.E549.221227


We remind that you can check the compatibility of your multimedia device with GEN5 Customware simply using the Compatibility Search Form.

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Menaco Team